Cold/Flu/Virus and Detoxification Blasting Sessions (Two blasting sessions for just $9)

Cold/Flu/Virus/Fever/Bacteria/Microorganisms/Sore Throat/Immune System Blasting Sessions:

This was inspired by one of my favorite clients in London who always asks me to blast him healing energies when he feels he is getting a cold or virus. The purpose of this blasting session is to enhance and boost your immune system so you are resistant to illness and disease. Good for people with ongoing health challenges as well as for people who want to maintain optimal health and well being.

Please note that this blasting session has a lot of healing energies in it that everyone can benefit from even if they do not feel that they are getting sick. After you place an order for a common cold/flu/virus/sore throat blasting session, I have asked the Creator to pulse energy to you to: Clear, heal, purge, transmute and dissolve all less-than-love colds, flu energies, fevers, viruses, microorganisms, parasites, free radicals, etc. from your energetic bodies and physical organs, systems and cells; Clear your home, real and personal property of any all less-than-love cold and flu energies, viruses, microorganisms, parasites, free radicals, etc. from your energetic bodies and physical organs, systems and cells; Boost your immune system; Heal, clear and release any energetic weaknesses, imbalances, illnesses and disease states associated with the common cold, flu, virus and sore throat; Clear, heal and release any all less-than-love illnesses, viruses, microorganisms, parasites that you took on from other people especially co-workers and children; Shielding from taking on any all less-than-love viruses, microorganisms, parasites, free radicals, etc. from your energetic bodies and physical organs, systems and cells from other people. Clear out any energetic resonance with colds, flu, fevers, less than love bacteria, organisms, viruses and free radicals; Angelic genetic healing profiles for the DNA/RNA, chromosomes and genetic predispositions to imbalances, illness and disease; Angelic healing profiles for all energetic weaknesses and imbalances;  damage to energetic bodies, organs and systems and illness and disease states; Angelic healing profiles for pain, suffering and headaches; Overlighting Deva of DNA genetic healing profiles; Overlighting Deva of Health healing profiles for optimal physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well being; Angelic love and healing profiles for the immune system; physical and energetic bodies, organs and systems; quantum fields, parts and particles and much more.

Detoxification Blasting Session:

We live in a world where we constantly are exposed to and absorb into our bodies and blood systems substances that are toxic to our well being. While most things are eliminated through the elimination and endocrine gland systems, some things are retained by the body indefinitely. If you order this session for yourself, PLEASE DRINK LOTS OF WATER AND WAIT AT LEAST FIVE DAYS BETWEEN ORDERING IT to give your body time to fully process the energy transmission and to release toxins and heavy metals. After you place an order for the Detoxification Blasting Session, I have asked the Creator to pulse energy to you to: Initiate a scan of the physical body to identify toxicity, alkalinity, oxygenation and deposits of heavy metals to determine how much detoxification the individual can handle with ease and grace in the NOW; Gently flush out toxins and heavy metals from the physical body without going through the endocrine gland system; Healing profiles for all the physical body organs and systems especially ones to strengthen and upgrade the central nervous, circulatory, elimination and endocrine gland systems and all organs and glands; Holy Spirit Shekinah cleansing of toxins and heavy metals with ease and grace; Purification of the blood; Healing profiles to upgrade the water component of the physical body; Clearing and healing the brain chemistry and cleansing the minds and brains; Healing profiles for the chakras, meridians, strange flows, nadis and energetic systems; Healing profiles to clear out and heal negative, dark, heavy, slow-moving, stuck, congested, damaged, blocked energies from the physical and energetic bodies, quantum fields/particles and energetic spaces; Healing profiles to heal any blocks people may have to the optimal circulation of prana/chi/life force energy throughout their energetic bodies, organs and systems; Healing profiles to help restore the most perfect possible level of alkalinity and oxygenation; Angelic love and healing wash for areas where toxins and heavy metals are released and for the entire quantum fields, parts and particles; energetic bodies, organs and systems; genetics and DNA blood; Integration profiles for ease and grace and much more.


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