Energy Healing Books: Energetic Introduction to the Angelic Mastery™ Healing Modality

Energetic Introduction to the Angelic Mastery™ Healing Modality

“We, the Angelic Healers of Love, do not view the human body like you or your medical professionals do. So often when you look at your body, you focus on what you most dislike in your physical form and thus you magnetize back to yourself more of what you dislike. When we, the Angelic Healers of Love, look at you - what we see in each of you is a beautiful tapestry of light and love. Each of you is a walking miracle. We challenge you the next time that you look in the mirror to cherish yourself.

The angelic healing techniques that comprise Angelic Mastery™ are very soft, gentle and nurturing to all of your energetic bodies. We honor your energetic bodies and treat them with great love and respect. Our favorite way of healing is to bathe the energetic bodies, fields and particles in Love for love is truly the great healer. We also utilize a lot of colors, tones and rays of creation energy to help you heal. Above all things, we wish that each of you would love yourself as much as you possibly can.”

I created this book to help you experience firsthand some of the power of working with the angels of healing. I began working with them in 1999 when I had received a powerful initiation that left me feeling like I had been run over by a truck. I was praying for healing when I felt this very gentle, peaceful and loving presence come into my awareness. I asked who they were and I got that they were angels of love who wanted to help me heal.

When I began studying healing, I would share what I learned with the angels and ask them if they had a way to make it gentler and they always helped me. The first line of Angelic Mastery™ sessions were for healing beliefs; the next ones were for healing emotions; then I downloaded sessions for enlightenment and healing past incidents. When Anita Briggs asked me to create angelic healing sessions for therapists, I downloaded a lot of personality healing sessions and my favorite – the magical angelic love and healing washes.

The $49.95 price includes Internet access to four healing videos that retail for $108.


Practitioner Training

Bill Austin has been training spiritual healers and attending Reiki Masters for several years. He currently offers five training programs for healers seeking to expand their expertise.