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Awaken New Feelings With Angelic Conscious Embodiment

Angelic Conscious Embodiment Healing Sessions

The Angelic Conscious Embodiment sessions (ACEs) were developed to support the therapy process, to enable people to feel certain attributes that were never cultivated in them or were distorted in the course of childhood and socialization. The ACEs underscore the importance of being able to feel new states of being as an important requisite to fully healing.

How It Came About

In the course of my therapy practice, it became very evident that certain things were very hard to shift when a client did not have a reference in their life experiences for the feelings we were attempting to integrate. For example, a person who has been abused in childhood will not have a clear & true picture of what love really is, and may have forgotten completely what it feels like to be loved unconditionally.

He or she may have only experienced love as manipulative or painful, that you have to lose yourself for it. He may feel that love is unsafe and best avoided. For this person, understanding true unconditional love, feeling it at an organic level, feeling safe feeling it, and being supported toward embracing it, knowing how to achieve and sustain it, and feeling worthy of it is an important boost to being able to let go of false ideas and patterns surrounding love & reintegrate new feelings.

The ACE's Roles

The ACEs were designed to reintegrate the pristine divine energies or soul traits that we are here to embody in human form. The ACEs are used to accelerate healing of certain issues, accelerate awakening, or simply to provide a boost of pure energy that may be needed in the moment. These traits are imprinted in your energy fields, in their pristine, divine vibration. Much like the Angelic Love Washes, these sessions bathe the energetic bodies and quantum fields, infusing gentle rays of focused energies to wash through the energy bodies, clearing out dense, slow and stuck energies and frequencies that are in dissonance with these higher frequencies.

You will feel yourself washed over by gentle waves of energy that clear distortions of that vibration. So for example an ACE session for compassion would bathe you in gentle waves of the frequency of divine compassion at all levels of being. Overall, it will clarify compassion for you; enable you to feel compassion, understand it, know how to achieve it, etc. As feeling is becoming, the ACEs are a great tool for accelerated evolution.

Through the ACEs, the Angelic Healers of Love help to transform any distortions you may have been taught around these energies, in effect clearing up the vibration of your past acting into the present. If you have never experienced a certain trait or feeling, the particular ACE session will make the vibration directly accessible to you, so it will be as though you've experienced it in life. This is of tremendous value, as you will then have a reference point for new feelings, and will be able to access new feelings much more easily.

As mentioned above, our emotional patterns can be difficult to overcome when we have never experienced the true emotion as it was intended by our Creator. We really don't know what that emotion is supposed to feel like and therefore what to reach for in order to accelerate transformation. It's far easier to reach for something that you can reference from experience, than if it is completely foreign and unknown. The ACE sessions' capacity to create new feeling experiences in the body, therefore, are of tremendous support in accelerating healing, and will help in cases where there is resistance to change because the dysfunctional state is all that a person has known.

In working with children, helping to cultivate new feelings is the most important part of therapy. Unlike with adults, you cannot effectively change beliefs in children because theirs are not yet formed, and moreover, all their beliefs are fluid and emerge exclusively from feeling. So the ACEs are particularly suited to working with children.

The ACEs are a wonderful gift and a powerful tool in therapy and for personal use, as all divine traits now become accessible for direct experience. All the ACE sessions come with a trigger word (the name of the trait) and each time it is used, the trait is magnified through the system and becomes more deeply anchored into a person's energy fields.

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Pesonal Attunement - $180

Practitioner/Professional Attunement - $333

Personal Attunement:

People who are personally attuned for the Angelic Conscious Embodiment Sessions can transmit this series of 333 sessions to themselves and to people who live in the same household as they do. The Cost of the Personal, Family or Household attunement is just $180.

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Practitioner/Professional Attunement:

People who are attuned for the Professional/Practitioner version can transmit the Angelic Conscious Embodiment sessions to anyone. The cost of the Professional or Practitioner attunement is just $333.

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Practitioner Training

Bill Austin has been training spiritual healers and attending Reiki Masters for several years. He currently offers five training programs for healers seeking to expand their expertise.