Crystalline Rainbox Reiki

Emotional Issues? Experience the Soothing Energies of Crystalline Rainbow Reiki

How It Came About
The first energy healing training I ever did was to become attuned to Levels 1 and 2 of Usui Reiki. Even though I knew my work would be more remote than hands on, I began with Reiki largely because everyone I knew who did energy healing work was a Reiki Master.

The night I was attuned for Usui Reiki Level 2, I was reading the manual and I got in a dither because I was afraid if I did the distant healing symbol wrong I would mess up my remote healing work. I meditated to still my mind and when I did so I felt this very loving connection open up with a very, very loving group of beings. When I asked who they were, they told me they were the Guardians of the Reiki Energies and they told me not to worry about the symbols, they would work with me if I needed to send Reiki energies to anyone. Several years later in 2004, I did a huge exchange with a very gifted Reiki Master in Canada and he attuned me as a Reiki Master in several traditions - Usui, Karuna, Lightarian, Ascension, Violet Flame, etc. and when that trade was made, I received a confirmation of sorts, that the Reiki Guardians had their hand in facilitating this.

One day, I was working on a separate project to assist folks with Reiki and when I went within to download image ideas for the manual, I instead received something different; a very beautiful iridescent rainbow of crystalline templates. When I asked what this was I had the sense of connecting yet again with the Guardians of Reiki Energies and they told me that I was being entrusted as the steward or guardian of a new, heart paradigm reformulation of Reiki that they called Crystalline Rainbow Reiki?.

What Is Crystalline Rainbow Reiki?

The Crystalline Rainbow Reiki Energies are similar to other Reiki Energies, however this frequency of Reiki is free of the discordant energy of some of the other Reiki modalities that exist now because it comes directly from the heart of God to our hearts and flows from there. It is a higher, lighter, clearer frequency composed of intense soothing energies made up of indescribable geometric patterns and colors.

Become an Attuned Practitioner

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Level 2 Practitioner

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You Can Experience the Crystalline Rainbow Reiki Now!

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Crystalline Rainbow Reiki? Level 1 Practitioner

For people interested in becoming Crystalline Rainbow Reiki? Level 1 Practitioners in addition to being attuned so that they can access and transmit the Crystalline Rainbow Reiki? energies to themselves and others will also receive the first two levels of Crystalline DNA Activation ($100 value) as well as the first part of Unplugging from the 3rd Dimensional Matrix activations ($144 value). The cost of this attunement is just $180 and I will try to attune within three business days, after you listen to the training video presentations.

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Crystalline Rainbow Reiki? Level 2 Master Practitioner

Prerequisite is being receiving the attunement to become a Crystalline Rainbow Reiki Level I Practitioner.

Some people - especially those who work a lot with other Reiki modalities may want to become attuned as a Crystalline Rainbow Reiki? Level II Master Practitioner who can attune other people to become Crystalline Rainbow Reiki? Level I Practitioners. In addition, I have created training videos so that Crystalline Rainbow Reiki? Level II Master Practitioners can receive the activations for Unplugging from the 3rd Dimensional Matrix , Part II ($144 value) and the Crystalline DNA Activation, Level III ($100 value). I also attune the Level 2 Master Practitioner them so that they may transmit the first three levels of Crystalline DNA Activations on to others as well as the first two parts of Unplugging from the 3rd Dimensional Matrix on to others.

The cost of the Crystalline Rainbow Reiki?Level 2 attunement is just $500. If you order both the Level 1 and Level 2 Crystalline Rainbow Reiki? attunements at the same time, you can save over $100 since the price would be $570 - not $680. Practical Mastery Practitioners - who are already attuned to transmit the Crystalline DNA Activations on to others - would only pay $480 to get attuned at the same time for Levels 1 and 2.

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Practitioner Training

Bill Austin has been training spiritual healers and attending Reiki Masters for several years. He currently offers five training programs for healers seeking to expand their expertise.