Universal Clearing Profile

Get to the Root Cause of Your Issues Quickly With the Universal Clearing Profile

How It Came About
The idea for the Universal Clearing Profile came to me when I was downloading clearing profiles with trigger phases for the Mastery Training Modules Program. I constantly monitor my vibration and energy level throughout the day and whenever I feel it drop, I immediately stop everything I am doing and try to figure out the root cause. The next thing I do is pray and ask the Creator to clear the pattern and if that does not fully clear the imbalance, I then work on myself until I feel a shift. A lot of my best testimonials are for the UCP! It occurred to me when I was creating articles for the Mastery Training Modules project that I was spending a lot of time on this and it would be easier to ask for and download a Universal Clearing Profile to go after things like this rather than spending as much time and energy as I was working on myself.

I have been using the Universal Clearing Profile for only a short while but it feels much more effective than my previous approach to clearing on an ad hoc basis and much quicker and easier as well. Often I don't have to figure things out - unless it is an important insight that will contribute to my mastery and growth. Use with Other People: This tool is so powerful that you can use it to help other people - ONCE YOU GET THEIR PERMISSION. The tool is so elegantly simple and user friendly that there is only a three page set of instructions and another page with a vibrationally encoded image of the Universal Clearing Profile that you can share with others. The cost of being attuned to invoke, access and utilize the Universal Clearing Profile is $333 and I will try to attune you within three days after I receive your order.

What Is A Universal Clearing Profile?

The Universal Clearing Profile contains a vast myriad of healing, clearing, balancing, transmuting energies, frequencies, waves, programs, patterning, etc. When you are attuned to access and utilize this profile by the one you know as Bill Austin, it will give you a tool and a way to dissolve and release much of the less-than-love beliefs, feelings and memories as well as many of the limitations and self sabotage that most of you have carried around with you for many, many incarnations on this world.

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How The Universal Clearing Profile Has Helped Others

Read some of the incredible testimonials of how others have benefited from this amazing tool:

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Creator Heart Alignment Profile

This is the complementary profile to the Universal Clearing Profile. This is really a very powerful energetic upgrade profile that can be accessed and utilized very easily and effortlessly by people who are attuned to use it. An example of how you could use it is if there is any area of your life that you would like to enhance, upgrade and improve you can apply the Creator Heart Alignment Profile to align that area with the Heart of the Creator which provides an instant energetic upgrade for whatever area you work on. (More Info)

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Unplugging from the 3D Matrix

These series of powerful Unplugging from the 3D Matrix mastery activations are part of the heart-oriented approach to ascension I have been downloading since the beginning of 2008. In order to move firmly into the Heart Paradigm and build a new foundation there, each of us must untangle ourselves from the mental/mind paradigm and unplug from the third dimensional matrix and web of mass/duality consciousness. Each part of these powerful mastery activations help liberate light-workers, healers and starseeds from being tied into the prevailing mass/duality consciousness of humanity so that they can get their world service work out into the world. I initially downloaded two mastery activations - one for Unplugging from the 3rd Dimensional Matrix and another one for Healing the Mental/Mind Paradigm.

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Advanced Clearing and Protection Package

Over the last few years, I have created a lot of advanced mastery tool images to assist healers, light-workers. Basically over the last few years every time I get hosed energetically, I create a clearing profile image to go after what hosed me and a transmuter shield image to protect myself to the fullest extent possible from repeating the experience. When I was meditating last week, I got that I have developed enough of these images that I should create a video transmission of these energies and to create three master healing images to accompany the video recording. If you feel drawn to order this package of clearing and protection transmissions, I encourage you to print out the three images that accompany the video recording and look at them often over the next three to four weeks. This will help you to hardwire into your consciousness and quantum fields the energies of the clearing profile and the transmuter shield images.

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Practitioner Training

Bill Austin has been training spiritual healers and attending Reiki Masters for several years. He currently offers five training programs for healers seeking to expand their expertise.