Free Healing Resources

The following free resources provide an immense amount of value at no cost. Click on the links below to find out more details regarding each one. Our mission is to help people to heal and many people have been helped. These are some of the best free healing resources you can find.


 Access 43 Free Weekly Advanced Healing Modules

Ever felt like tapping into a higher level of being? Journey with us as we explore the world of Self-Mastery so you can become the master that you were meant to be, both internally & externally. Each module contains a vibrationally encoded image to help you raise your vibration and upgrade your consciousness. In addition, you will receive powerful healing messages that will help you to boost your clarity, ground your energy, upgrade your DNA and clear the negative energies from your life.


NEW: BBS Radio Interview on 10/10/2009

On October 10, 2009, Bill Austin was interviewed by Lance White for a BBS radio show. During the show, Bill spoke about his views on 2012, on healing, and on the fact that many lightworkers, Indigos and wayshowers have incarnated at this time to assist in earth's shift to higher densities. We agreed that humanity is in those changes and shifts now, and that the old paradigms can be altered by aligning with one's soul purpose. He shared about the process of infusing his art with energetic downloads. His main thrust is that we are all Masters, and he is but a conduit to empower others.

to listen to this interview.

 Clear the Top Ten Money Blocks!

Discover the Top Ten Areas that block the flow of money. Did you know that you had a personal relationship with money? But even more importantly, do you know how to change it? Watch the video that describes how you can clear these money blocks once and for all.... and you can be empowered to live financially abundant and prosperous.




 Free Blasting Sessions!

I created a line of blasting sessions that transmit healing energies to clear, heal, transmute and release negative, congested and stuck energies - the most common themes I have identified from working with clients. I created some free blasting audio recordings to help people clear stress, fear, addictions, sleeping problems, etc.


 Receive a Crystalline DNA Activation!

Activate between 5,000 to 10,000 strands of your DNA with our Level 1 DNA activation. In this video transmission, you receive three powerful attunements that help you to clear the way for you to fully integrate this and all subsequent attunements. Memories and trauma will be cleared from your emotional body and your genetic codes will also be cleared and repaired in order to help your body physically change and move to a higher level.


 Download 21 Universal Healing Images

View 21 healing works of art that were each created with a specific healing purpose. Absorb the colors, feel the energy. You are about to be taken on a path of enlightenment through art. Learn how to release, give thanks, purify your soul, heal trauma, and so much more! A picture truly is worth more than a thousand words.


 Accept 22 Spiritual Healing Sessions

Take charge of your life by allowing negative energies to be cleared. This free video transmission of 22 Practical Mastery? sessions includes nine clearing transmissions that help you to clear and balance the energetic spaces around you using the beautiful light from our Father & Mother God & the Holy Spirit Shekinah. You also receive 4 Purge sessions for releasing guilt, limitations, and other blocks that stop you from realizing your full potential. It concludes with 4 Practical Mastery? Abundance Sessions that help you to say YES to money on a deeper level.

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Practitioner Training

Bill Austin has been training spiritual healers and attending Reiki Masters for several years. He currently offers five training programs for healers seeking to expand their expertise.