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Angelic/Elohim/Holy Spirit Blood Cleanse and Purification
Divine Mother/Father Blood Cleanse and Purification
Boosting Your Immune System and Personal Energy Level
White/Gold Flame Purification of the Blood
Violet/Gold Flame Purification of the Blood
Global AIDS Healing
Clearing, Healing, Transmuting and Releasing Feeling Disempowered and Unable to Control Your Life
Assuming and Taking Responsibility 100% for Every Area of Your Life
Clearing, Healing & Transmuting Less-than-Love Energies from Multiple Drug Interactions

Clearing, Healing, Transmuting and Releasing Toxins, Heavy Metals, Drug Residues and Imprints with Ease and Grace and Divine Ideal Integration

Acknowledging, Loving and Blessing ALL of the Decisions and Choices You have Made During Your Life
Appreciating, Honoring and Giving Thanks for Every Aspect of Your Life

Radical Loving, Honoring, Cherishing, Supporting, Appreciating and Celebrating Your Body
GOD Can Conquer and Heal Any Disease, Condition and/or Imbalance
Seeing the True Reality of Health Underlying the Appearance of Disease and Imbalance
Choosing Life: Enjoying and Living Life to the Fullest
I Now Choose to Expand, Learn and Grow from a Space of Love, Joy, Ecstasy and Bliss

I Now Easily and Effortlessly Release with Love All Illness, Disease &  Imbalances

Clearing, Transmuting, Healing and Dissolving Addictive Patterns, Programs, Behaviors and Cravings for Addictive Substances
Energetic Protection and Shielding for Sexual Encounters and Interactions
Energetic Immunization for hiv/aids and STD’s


Click Here to View and Download this Series of Universal Healing Images.

If you know of anyone who has hiv/aids, herpes, venereal disease or any sexually transmitted disease, I created a series of images to assist people with those life challenges:

Click Here to View and Download the Series of HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases healing images!

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