Transform Your Relationship with Money - Clear Top Ten Money Blocks

Heal Your Relationship With Money . . .

and Watch Abundance Flow To You Effortlessly

Money trouble? Never seem to get ahead? Money slips through your fingers? For most people, money has become an enormously high-pressure area of our lives, fraught with negativity, fear and self-defeating beliefs.


It could be compared to how we proceed and react in any relationship - with a cumulative body of attitudes and experiences that totally shape the way we behave and think. From the time we're very small, the subject of money takes on more and more of this emotional and energetic "baggage" which becomes the very roadblock that prevents us from creating the financial life we want and deserve.

You see, most of what we learn about money only serves to create more and more pressure around it. In fact, the typical approaches you may have tried before actually drive money away from you by worsening your negative beliefs and attitudes about money. The thing is, a pure new approach to your relationship with money changes everything. You CAN clear the frustration and limiting energy from your past, and start anew with a fresh slate.



Video on How to Clear the Top Ten Money Blocks:


Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Finances?

My name is Bill Austin and I am a spiritual healer and teacher living in Florida. I've been exactly where you are now - confused and discouraged about money and I'll be honest here... there were many times when I felt that I would never get ahead. Fortunately, I didn't stop trying... and in the process of overcoming my own financial limitations, I discovered that we each have a unique personal relationship with money. This is the reason why one person's solution doesn't work for everyone. Each of us carry different attitudes and beliefs related to money.

Once the focus was changed to "healing the relationship", I started noticing huge differences. I was no longer struggling. I even found greater enjoyment in the journey. Once the foundation was laid, then the practical knowledge that I had received from the many years of studying financial planning and money management came into play. The end result was one of the most powerful programs for money healing around.

Transforming YOUR Relationship With Money

This powerful Money Healing Program gives YOU the energetic support YOU need to heal your past relationship with money and to jump-start you to create a fresh start financially- a new beginning. For just $49.95, you get:

Transform YOUR Relationship with Money book which includes twenty-five  vibrationally encoded money healing images.

Internet Access to five powerful money healing videos from Bill Austin ($94 value if ordered separately)

Internet Access to two MP3 audio recordings: One with fifty affirmations for abundance and one to help you connect with your Higher Self.

Bonus Report - Playing with the Law of Attraction to Create a Life that Works!


Practitioner Training

Bill Austin has been training spiritual healers and attending Reiki Masters for several years. He currently offers five training programs for healers seeking to expand their expertise.