Energy Healing Books: Bill Austin's Self Help, Clearing and Healing Program

Bill Austin's Self Help, Clearing and Healing Program

I created this book to provide people on a spiritual path with a tool they could easily use to stay as clear as possible. I also want to help people clear, transmute, heal and release stuff as it arises in their daily lives. I hand-picked the images that can most assist people and I have created two special mp3 audio healing recordings just for this book. I also am giving people who purchase this book access to two of my most powerful clearing and protection video recordings.

I have been on a spiritual path now for over eighteen years and each day I clear, transmute, heal and release things as they surface in my life. I make time each day to clear myself as deeply as I can because if I do not deal with stuff as it arises, it grows and multiplies. I created this book to help other people – who may or may not have access to tools and energetic support - to heal the issues that arise in their daily lives.

Each year I get clearer as I identify, clear, heal and release the energetic buttons and triggers that used to discombobulate and irritate me. Ironically as I get clearer, I find that even a smudge of unclarity now disturbs me much more than a huge amount of unclarity did many years ago. Clearing is a lot like lifting up a cinderblock in that when you lift up the block; all sorts of slimy creepy crawlies come out to play… So I created this healing image book to assist people to clear, transmute, heal and release the icky creepy crawlie things of this world with ease, grace and much love.


The $49.95 price includes Internet access to four healing videos that retail for $108.


Practitioner Training

Bill Austin has been training spiritual healers and attending Reiki Masters for several years. He currently offers five training programs for healers seeking to expand their expertise.