Blast Your Problems Away For Only $9: 

These blasting sessions transmit healing blasts of energies to clear, transmute, heal and release negative, congested and stuck energies - the most common themes I have identified from working with clients. Since I was able to set them up to be transmitted immediately after the order is placed - they each just cost $9. Often you receive two blasting sessions for the price of one.

NEW Divine Ideal Extract Blasting Session

There are so many blasting or mini-healing sessions now that I often get questions from people as to which one would be best for them at any given moment. To help people I decided to create a Divine Ideal Extract for ALL of the Blasting Sessions so people who order it would receive whatever energies they are aligned with from ALL of the individual blasting sessions. The cost of this session for $15. If you feel drawn to this one a lot, you may want to consider joining the 28 Day Blasting Program.



How the Blasting Sessions Work


FREE MP3 Audio Recordings for Stress, Fear, Insomnia and Addictions


28 Day Blasting Program


Animal Clearing Healing & Blasting Session


Money Blasting Session


Bad Habits/Self Sabotage/Addictions/Procrastination


Cold/Virus/Bacteria and Detoxification Blasting


DNA/Genetics Blasting & Energetic Systems Upgrade


Downer Emotions and Anger/Impatience Blasting


Enlightenment and Karma Blasting Sessions


Home, Land, Car and Personal Property Clearing and Blasting Session


Relationship Clearing, Healing and Blasting PLUS Soul and Heart Fragments Return/Retrieval


Releasing the Past and Negative Self Talk Blasting


Self Love/Esteem/Worth and Not Living Authentically Blasting Sessions


Transmuting Non YOU and Less-than-Love YOU Energies Blasting Sessions



28 Day Blasting Program

Since I have so many blasting sessions - all of which are universally beneficial, I thought I would create a 28 day program where I transmit a divine ideal extract from the energies of all the blasting sessions once a day to people who participate in this group. I get that each day each person would receive the equivalent of around two to three individual blasting sessions each day but it would be calibrated to whatever is aligned to the highest good for each person.

The cost of the 28 Day Blasting Program is just $90 so you save over $160 when you sign up for this program. For administrative purposes, I start everyone on Monday. So if you order on Tuesday, I will begin sending you the 28 blasting sessions on the next Monday.





Animal Clearing, Healing and Blasting Session

I wanted to create a blasting session to assist animals. Several years ago I brought in an Energetic Tune-Up Program for humans and I discovered that in this session for animals I could download the equivalent thing for animals. This blasting session also helps clear the energetic spaces of animals; heals energetic weaknesses and imbalances; helps animals to clear out energies they take on from humans and the planet; releases EMF energies and has a lot of genetic healing profiles as well. The purpose of this session is to help restore animals to a state of energetic balance and optimal physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. When you order this session please specify in the instructions section of the checkout form the name of the animal, species and breed so the energies can be sent to that animal after the order has been successfully entered.


Practitioner Training

Bill Austin has been training spiritual healers and attending Reiki Masters for several years. He currently offers five training programs for healers seeking to expand their expertise.