Transmuting Non YOU and Less-than-Love YOU Energies Blasting Sessions (Two blasting sessions for just $9)

Transmuting Non YOU Energies Blasting Session:

A lot of healers, teachers, channels and starseeds on this planet are highly evolved souls who do not always have the best energetic boundaries with other people. Many of these beings are very strong empaths who take on the energies of the people around them - from family members, friends and co-workers and planetary energies as well. When you take on energies from other people, you do not help the other person so much as you take on more stuff for yourself to clear and transmute. The more energy you take on from others, the harder it is to stay calm, clear, neutral, balanced and present in your own energy.

This blasting session helps to clear out any energies that are not aligned with your highest level aspect of your monad - the ones that are not aligned with the highest good of all, the ones that no longer serve your spiritual evolution and the ones that can be integrated now with ease and grace. It also helps to release any discarnate beings that are in your energetic spaces and send them on to their next step in their spiritual evolution. Please note that this blasting session can help everyone since people who are not empaths take on other people's energies and are impacted by other people as well they just don't feel it as much.

Transmuting Less-than-Love YOU Energies Blasting Session:

As I was contemplating the Blasting Non YOU Energies Session, I realized that most of my personal healing and clearing work is focused around healing and clearing my shadow side, adversary within, personality self/selves, mental body, ego mind and random inner dialog or negative self talk since these areas are the biggest source of energetic weaknesses and imbalances. So I focus a lot on healing, clearing and transmuting the less than love energies that originate from within myself. So I thought it would help me personally a lot to have a Blasting Less-than-Love YOU Energies Session so I downloaded one.



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