Self Love/Esteem/Worth/Acceptance and Not Living Authentically Blasting Sessions (Two blasting sessions for just $9)

Self Love/Esteem/Worth/Acceptance Blasting Session:

I am a firm believer in the power of self love. I feel it is impossible to create a life that works unless it is built on a firm, solid core foundation of self love, esteem, worth, acceptance, trust and confidence. When you order this session, energies will be sent to you to heal, clear, transmute the areas, beliefs, feelings and memories that block you from loving, accepting and believing in yourself 100%.  The more you love and accept yourself the better your relationships and ALL areas of your life will be. The purpose of this blasting session is to help you to love, trust, accept and believe in yourself to the fullest extent you can at the moment of ordering.

Not Living Authentically Blasting Session:

I have spent a lot of my life trying to identify areas of my life where I am not true to myself and not authentically being who I really am. And not surprising in most of my sessions with clients this comes up over and over and over again. We live in a very dysfunctional world and we are trained at an early age to seek approval from others and to basically validate who we are internally by how people externally respond and react to us. We try to please others beginning with our parents so that we will be loved and honored for who we are. Whereas the only way to be truly loved and honored for who you really are is to love and accept yourself unconditionally. We pay an energetic price for not living authentically in that we close down our hearts and become numb and emotionally disconnected and lose the sense of joy and passion and wonder and magic in our lives. Anyway the point of this blasting session is to help you clear out the areas, patterns, feelings, beliefs, memories, programs and behaviors that block you from living authentically and being true to yourself. This session also has energies to help you to align with your I AM Presence or the highest level aspect of your monad that is the real you.


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