Releasing the Past and Negative Self Talk Blasting Sessions (Two blasting sessions for just $9)

Releasing the Past Blasting Session:

Most people on Gaia live out and replay the patterns of their past over and over and over again - no matter how painful they may be. It is sort of like that movie Groundhog Day where the actor spent the entire movie playing out the same day with different choices. This session helps clear out the less than love energies, programs, patterns, memories, attachments and behaviors from our past history so that we can live fully present in the NOW moment where we can influence the course of the rest of our life.

It clears out the dysfunctional programs we received and believed in at a very early age from our family of origin, friends, schools, churches, mass consciousness, media, movies, television, music advertisements, etc. It helps you to release the stranglehold of the past so that you can energetically begin over without a lot of the garbage from the past to hold you back. Also has energies to help people forgive themselves and others and to heal past relationships as well. So has lots of energies to heal sadness, grief, grieving, that type of energy as well. Carpe Diem!!!

Negative Self Talk Blasting Session:

We talk to ourselves all of the time and the quality of our lives is largely determined by what we say to ourselves. This is one reason why so many people struggle to work with the law of attraction - they focus on good affirmations and positive thinking but their self talk is so continuous and strongly engrained and so negative and basically on auto pilot that it negates all of the conscious inner work they do. And then people get frustrated and discouraged and say it doesn?t work which increases the negative self talk and digs them deeper in the hole. Anyway the purpose of this session is to help blast the cycle and power of negative self talk or random inner dialog - to break it up energetically so that it is easier for you to create a life that works for you and supports you energetically on all levels.



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