Relationship Clearing Healing and Blasting PLUS Soul and Heart Fragments Return/Retrieval Session

Relationship Clearing, Healing and Blasting Session: I tried to package everything people come to me around relationships into this session. Helps you heal your relationship with your parents, siblings, less-than-love, negative, dysfunctional and toxic family of origin stuff as well as healing for "in-law" relationships and "in-law" toxic family stuff. Has past life, parallel life and future life healing profiles for your most important relationships. Helps you to clear blocks you have to speaking your truth with love and living authentically with passion from your heart. Clears and transmutes patterns, programs, influences and behaviors around neediness, codependency, abandonment, betrayal, desertion, broken heartedness, cheating, dishonesty, sadness, sorrow, depression, jealousy, lust, possessiveness, anger, people pleasing, seeking validation and approval from others. Clears and transmutes judging, comparing, criticizing, blame, shame and guilt. Healing, karma amelioration and forgiveness profiles for relationships with family members, sexual, romantic and intimate partners and the people you work with or for.

It also includes lots of healing profiles for the inner child and personality self/selves and the healing of emotional wounding, harm, damage, armoring. Helps you to open your heart/mind and to be calm, neutral and detached no matter what is going on around you. If you are working on attracting or creating a romantic relationship, it helps clear any blocks you have to attracting the most perfect possible partner into your life. If you are in a relationship, it works to help heal your relationship with your partner and take it to the next level. Healing profiles around grief and grieving for important people in your life transitioning on. This session also helps you to heal your emotional and mental bodies. If you are working on a specific relationship, please mention the name of the person in the Special Instructions section of the checkout order form.

Soul & Heart Fragments Return/Retrieval Session

In many shamanic traditions on this planet, shamans would do soul returns or retrievals. A lot of times when we have karma with someone or an important relationship like parent and child often we take on part of their energy and they take on part of ours. With our mothers there is an actual exchange of blood between mother and child which strengthens the energetic connection. Often when we give our power away to others or take power away from others there is an exchange of heart and soul fragments. This exchange keeps us intertangled or intertwined energetically with people even when the association no longer serves our highest good or spiritual evolution.


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Bill Austin has been training spiritual healers and attending Reiki Masters for several years. He currently offers five training programs for healers seeking to expand their expertise.