Enlightenment and Karma Blasting Sessions (2 blasting sessions for just $9)

Enlightenment Blasting Session: A lot of my clients feel stuck on their spiritual path or in limbo or transition. Many of them are not happy with where they are but their world service path has not clarified so they are in limbo. When people order the Enlightenment Blasting Session, I have asked the Creator to automatically pulse energy to people to help you:

Align with the highest level aspect of your monad (the soul of their soul); Clear any blocks you have to awakening and opening your heart/ heart chambers and living with passion from your heart; Clear any blocks you have to aligning with the most loving destiny and world service contracts you made with the Creator prior to incarnation; Awaken and activate your spiritual and healing gifts to the extent that is aligned with your highest good and supports your spiritual evolution; Connect you more deeply with your intuition and inner guidance; Live more authentically, to be true to yourself, to trust yourself and your path and to speak your truth with love; Clear, transmute, dissolve and release fear, core fear, fear-oriented emotions, thoughts, genetics, programs and memories; Release self sabotage; doubt and limitation; Clear, heal and transmute your shadow; Clearing your energetic spaces and less-than-love things you took on from others and the planet; Release and forgive your past so you can live in the NOW moment; Heal your relationship with the Creator; Transmissions to help you unplug from the third dimensional matrix and mental paradigm and much, more.

Karma Healing and Amelioration Blasting Session:

In order to complete the planetary ascension process, people have to heal and ameliorate 50% of their planetary karma. During this time of accelerated spiritual evolution, there are cosmic dispensations of grace to help people to clear and transmute their karma in order to help Gaia and humanity to ascend. This blasting session is one way to work with and interface with the Karmic Councils of Love to heal and ameliorate your karma.  This is a blasting session you may want to do when you are having relationship challenges in your life because many of the important actors in your life script are people you have karma with or they have karma with you.


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Please Note: The cost for each blasting session is $9 and you can order multiple sessions on PayPal at the same time.



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Bill Austin has been training spiritual healers and attending Reiki Masters for several years. He currently offers five training programs for healers seeking to expand their expertise.