Money Blasting Session ($9)

"Wow. I enjoyed this tremendously.  Swirling waves of red and green enveloped me. I could feel 'their' frequency as the colors washed through me over and over. Stayed with this for quite a while as I 'knew' it was important for these first level blocks to be dissolved. Moved to my mental body where I watched as self defeating tapes learned in my childhood were removed and after this, then thoughts that supported abundance were plugged in. While this was going on, I was also aware of a lot of movement in my heart chakra. Once this life was cleared, went to past lives and saw some vows released." (Nancy Walker talking about her experience with the Money Blasting Session.)

After you place an order for a money blasting session, I have asked the Creator to pulse energy to you to:

* Clear less-than-love, stuck, congested, blocked financial energies

* Dissolve any less-than-love energies around money we take on from other people, mass consciousness, media, planet, etc.

* Transmute, release and dissolve blocks to attracting money, success, wealth, prosperity and abundance to you on all levels

* Dispel, transmute, clear, release and dissolve financial stress, chaos, fears, karma, neediness, worry, anxiety, etc.

* Heal, clear, transmute, release and clear out financial adversity, bad luck, interference, reversals, curses, spells, hexes, etc.

* Embody the attributes of generosity, thankfulness, appreciation, fulfillment, contentment, etc.

* Heal past incidents and memories of financial adversity, bad luck, reversals, etc.

* Healing your relationship with money profiles

* Transmuting negative self talk or random inner dialog around money

* Clear, heal, release and transmute any energetic resonance with less than love financial frequencies, influences, conditions and emotional states

* Blasting financial interference and manipulation

* Angelic abundance, success and prosperity reinforcing profiles

* Angelic healing profiles for lack and scarcity consciousness

* And much much much more.

The cost of each money blasting session is just $9 and it is sent to you automatically upon successfully placing an order for it.


Click on the items listed below to order the Blasting Sessions. As soon as the order is successfully received and processed, the energies for the blasting session will be transmitted to you.

Paying Via PayPal

As soon as the order is successfully placed via PayPal, you will receive the blasting session(s) you are ordering.

Please Note: The cost for each blasting session is $9 and you can order multiple sessions on PayPal at the same time.



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